Camilla Belle?

It’s a super fun game Duana introduced last week over email, starting a chain with me and Michelle that lasted a solid hour beginning with this question:

Why is Lake Bell?

“Why Is” is an art.

“Why Is” does not apply to Megan Fox. You might hate her, and I might hate admitting it, but Megan Fox is not irrelevant, sorry. And you can’t “Why Is” Heidi Montag either because obviously it’s just too obvious.

“Why Is” requires some subtlety.

Like Lake Bell.

Why IS Lake Bell?


What Lake Bell actually does vs how much we’re supposed to care about it is totally disproportionate.

This is Lake at the Whitney Museum Gala the other night in New York. And this is Camilla Belle at the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Award in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

Why is Camilla Belle?

Here’s what I know about Camilla Belle: she pretended to date a Vagina Virgin while she desperately tried to pretend to date Robert Pattinson and a tennis player and her movies have sucked at the box office and oh yeah she has dark eyebrows.

So again…

Why is Camilla Belle?

See? Once you start it’s hard to stop.

Why is Eva Mendes?

Three years ago Eva Mendes wasn’t a Why Is. But now? She’s DEFINITELY a Why Is.

Why is Rachel Bilson?

Why is Olivia Wilde?

Why is AnnaLynne McCord?

Why is Amanda Bynes?

No but seriously…let’s come back to this one…

Why IS Camilla Belle?

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