Do we know why…? I read an article that was like “Here’s why John Mayer was at the Emmys…he was part of the house band!”

Yeah, thanks.

But whyyyyy was he in the house band? Did he write the music? Did he just want a semi-anonymous gig to, like, try out a new guitar? Did he know that I had to work really hard to determine whether or not he and Mandy Moore had yet had an opportunity to have an ill-advised romantic encounter?

When we talked after the show tonight, Lainey commented “It was a good show,” and I sort of mentally shrugged, because no matter how much they strive to entertain us, the reality of these shows is there’s not-unpleasant tedium.

Which meant that seeing Mayer with no announcement was actually one of the perk-me-ups that I actually appreciated. This is all it takes, apparently. A shot of someone whose name I know, who wasn’t expressly announced, is enough to count as notable. Especially since I realized I kind of missed his brand of ridiculous in the mix.

What have I become?



(Lainey PS: bonus props to the control room too because the first time we saw John Mayer on camera was right after Tom Hiddleston presented.)