Amy Schumer was in Washington, DC yesterday for President Obama’s remarks on ending gun violence. She was there with her brother and sister and her boyfriend, Ben. We know this because she posted the photo on Instagram:


Casablanca @benhanisch @kimcaramele Jasy #stopgunviolence

A photo posted by @amyschumer on


And a few days ago, he posted one of them together, with all kinds of sappy words:

So they spent New Year’s together. And they went to the White House together. And on Sunday, Amy will be at the Golden Globes as a first time nominee. So… is Ben going to the Globes? It would be their red carpet debut.

Ben is furniture designer from Chicago. PEOPLE is already calling him the real Aidan to Amy’s Carrie Bradshaw.

So he’s 29 years old, self-employed, pretty cute…

A unicorn, basically, is what all you single girls are saying.