Will Arnett hosted the first annual Laughter Is The Best Medicine Gala in support of Toronto East General Hospital last night. I was born at Toronto East General! And my cousin Cat and I worked there for a summer as kitchen staff. They always say hospital food sucks. I put on 10 lbs working there because it didn’t. Will’s father was chair of the hospital board for two years. Several of his family members also received care there. So he came home and brought along Jerry Seinfeld who performed at the event.

Will was joined by wife Amy Poehler and God I love her so much for being there with him and God I love them so much for being so great together. They posed on the press line for a while and then, as Will was being interviewed, Amy apparently went off to go hang out with his family. Also, yes, Arrested Development is on. Will confirmed this week on several talk shows and to reporters last night that they start shooting the miniseries in the next couple of months and then straight through to the movie this summer.

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