F-ck I miss Arrested Development. Dancing with the Has-been Sh-ts keeps coming back, season after season, and one of the funniest shows on television EVER gets canned after 3 years. What’s the problem???

Too much dumbassness is the problem.

Maybe it’s because of his characters. After all you’d have to be a sadist to be attracted to Gob, but Will Arnett as Will Arnett only, well, he’s hot, non? Check him out arriving in Vancouver yesterday to begin shooting a new pilot. Looks great in a leather jacket. He went out for dinner last night at Blue Water Cafe. Seems to like it there. Dropped in a lot during the Olympics.

And of course you know Will and Amy Poehler are expecting their second child in the fall. Will has said that their son Archie knows the proper hockey allegiance. CANADA. Love them.

Sigh. I miss the Bluths.

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