The Super Bowl is happening on Sunday, in case you haven’t heard. The Super Bowl is part football, commercials, and the halftime show. Already many brands have released their Super Bowl commercials online. And the ones who haven’t released the commercials online will release them online 30 seconds after they air. And I guess the same goes for the halftime show, but the point of the halftime show is to be present when the moments occur, so that you can THEN go online to talk about it and meme about it and/or rag about it.

This year it’s Lady Gaga’s turn to halftime. She’s been rehearsing for weeks. Here’s what she Instagrammed yesterday – and suddenly the focus of HER halftime show is on…well… Beyoncé, who else?


Houston, you are beautiful. 🐝

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It’s Houston. Where Beyoncé is from. And the Bey-moji. And Telephone, their collaboration.

So… will Beyoncé be the surprise guest during Gaga’s halftime?

Last year, Coldplay was technically the halftime headliner. We all know Coldplay was actually Beyoncé’s backup band during halftime though. Gaga is not Coldplay though. And as big time as Gaga is, Beyoncé is Beyoncé and Beyoncé just dominated the news cycle with her babies, and, well, if Beyoncé joins Gaga onstage, the conversation inevitably will be maybe not all, but a LOT about Beyoncé.

And that’s what she was asked about today at the press conference. But Gaga knows about hype and marketing too. She didn’t answer outright except to say that we shouldn’t read too much into the bee emoji. Still, there was no direct answer. Which is smart. Because either way, Beyoncé or no Beyoncé, that noise continues to build. Another definition for the Beyoncé Bump.