La La Land has two songs nominated in the Best Song category, City Of Stars and Audition. Both Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling sing on City Of Stars and Emma is on her own on Audition. As you know, the nominated songs are typically performed at the Oscars, often by the original artists. JT will likely be turning that stage into his own Trolls dance party that night. I imagine Alessia Cara will be there to sing Lin-Manuel Miranda’s How Far I’ll Go from Moana. And they’ll definitely want Sting to come sing The Empty Chair. Sooo…

Will Emma and Ryan sing at the Oscars?

It’s a little different for them. Sting, JT, and Alessia do this kind of thing all the time. It’ll be extra special, of course, but it’s still the same lane. But singing live on stage, in front of a theatre full of their peers, and broadcast to millions of people around the world isn’t their day job. I imagine they will be encouraged to. And I imagine that might be pressure. Because not only will they have to face the task but if they didn’t, then everyone would be like, oh Emma and Ryan couldn’t cut it. So…basically they kinda have to, don’t they?

Attached - Ryan and Damian Chazelle, following their Oscar nominations, were in Beijing today.