This is not a joke. The movie, expected to air this summer, is about a couple who take care of a pregnant woman in the hopes of adopting her baby only to have it all go horribly awry. It’s described as a “wink” at the genre, the genre being Lifetime movies, which…yeah that is a genre by this point. The Burning Bed would be the genre’s “classic”.  The movie is written by Andrew Steele, who co-wrote and co-created The Spoils of Babylon, the parody of campy mini-series like The Thornbirds which aired last year on IFC and also starred Ferrell and Wiig. Spoils was a joke that went on for too long, but it did have some great genre spoofing moments, so hopefully the one-off movie-of-the-week format works out better for Steele, Ferrell, and Wiig and their Lifetime project is better.

Oh yeah, the movie is called A Deadly Adoption. OF COURSE.


Attached - Kristen Wiig at LAX on Saturday.