My husband’s hero. He memorises Will’s facial expressions. Like that part in Old School when Frank the Tanks hits off the beer funnel for the first time in years and it touches his mouth and he’s all like – it's so good once it hits your lips.

For my husband, this is one of the greatest scenes in the history of movies. Apparently it’s also a “dude test”. Like if you’re a new dude and you try to bond with the other dudes and you don’t know this scene, they don’t want to know you.


Have finally caught up on my PVR after Cannes. Saved Will Ferrell for last. He hosted the SNL season finale and brought along many old friends – Tom Hanks, Norm Macdonald, a healthier looking Artie Lange, Green Day, Anne Hathaway, Paul Rudd (squee!), Maya Rudolph, and yes… Amy Poehler!

F-cking amazing.

And the last skit…

So random and so…

Moving, right? Were you moved? My throat closed up a little. Did yours? Loved every minute. And the song, my dad used to play this song. Sigh. What a kick ass way to end the season.

Here’s Will today in Australia beginning promotion for his Land of the Lost.

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