E! News wasted no time yesterday after Zayn Malik’s announcement that he’s quitting 1D in reporting that Harry Styles might be next. According to E! sources, Harry’s been telling his friends that he wants to get into acting and permanently move to LA. Since he’s been working independently with other artists, he is also pushing to go solo which is why:

“Harry has distanced himself from the rest of the band over the last year. He considers himself to be on a different path to the other boys.”

As Mimi would say, this sh-t is bleak.

Because it’s so believable.

Not only because boy bands don’t last but also because…there’s always one. When I was wailing backstage at The Social over ZAYNNNN, DON’T GOOOOO, someone asked me who was the “Justin Timberlake” of One Direction. I don’t want to pick a fight at this delicate, sensitive time, but…

Isn’t it Harry Styles?

Like, you’re not going to tell me that Harry Styles is Chris Kirkpatrick, are you? (Well, maybe, if his hairline keeps receding.) The point is, if there is a Justin Timberlake, and that’s an “if” for sure, in One Direction, it’s probably Harry Styles. And now that someone else has kicked open a door, he might be considering his own exit strategy.

The story of life is that…
Time is NOT frozen.



Attached - One Direction performing together on New Year's Eve.