JLo spent the weekend in Miami at a photoshoot, supposedly for Vogue which...

Is Wintour down with Casper Smart?

Sasha calls it “dumpster diving”. Me, as you know, my term for it is “slumming”. Same either way. I just... really want to be there when Jennifer Lopez tries to introduce him to Anna Wintour.

Anyway, here she is proudly getting intimate with him on set, and then again this morning in New York as she was making the talk show rounds and it’s just been announced by the Academy today:

JLo will present at the Oscars, presumably in support of the upcoming, ugh, What To Expect When You’re Expecting.

Now you know how she is.

You know she can’t do a carpet alone.

You know if there’s a man in her life, he is fully expected to do the carpet with her.


Great. Leave it to JLo to soil the Academy with her sh-t taste in love.