She played Rachel Green living in a small town in a movie called the Good Girl and a few people tried to flatter her by saying she’d get an Oscar nomination and she was all like – oh, I could never even dream it.

And it’s a good thing too because please…

Again, she was Rachel Green living in a small town.

Now Rachel Green is about to go Country.

Jennifer Aniston will star in and produce The Goree Girls based on the true story of female inmates in Texas who form a country band in the 1940s. Intriguing, non?

Jen is usually impeccably styled in her films. Great wardrobe, great hair, of course, and great makeup.

How cute were these country singing prisoners?

In the 40s. In jail. Please. They’ll throw Hollywood pretty dust all over this.

Or will Jen campaign for Oscar by getting ugly?

If so, I would be impressed.

Because you know Aniston. She will not allow herself to look less than perfect. She’d never rock a Kristen Stewart mullet for a role.

Instead, as she did in Management, she’d wig up so as not to sacrifice those golden locks.

But for Oscar…

Jennifer Aniston voluntarily looks like sh-t for “art”?

Check the poll.

This is Jen in Manhattan yesterday continuing to work on The Bounty.


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