Jessica Biel is not growing out that fringe. It looked freshly trimmed last night at the Movie Awards. I’m not sure if it was styled this way on purpose like all futuristic and sh-t but given that the top of her head looks extra pointy, we have something of a long triangle happening - Space Girl Couture.

I am obsessed with these shoes and, again, don’t understand why Barbara Bui doesn’t get more play. The dress is white and Chanel and, well, not inconveniently meant to remind us that she’s to marry soon. I quite like it. I may have loved it on someone else. Without the distracting fringe. The problem with this fringe, other than the fact that it’s not attractive, is that it makes itself the conversation. This is why Jessica isn’t the big ass fashion deal they all want her to be. Inevitably she’s always getting in her own way. In a thumbnail could you tell definitively that this wasn’t Lea Michele? Right?

Anyway, given that she’s trimmed the fringe and they’re predicting the wedding is happening this summer, I wonder if this means she’s to be a fringy bride. My ma would say that the fringe that hides her face is also helping her hide from the truth: are you marrying a man you can trust forever?