A long time ago, when Joaquin Phoenix was #1 on my Five List, before he revealed himself to be a mega prick, and before Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet (happily) came together in real life, I would have reacted differently to these photos. Almost optimistically. In 2007, I would have LOVED the Gossip potential of Marion and Joaquin.

But as it is, we are 5 years later. And Marion has Marcel, with Guillaume. And Joaquin has retired and un-retired. And, you know, it’s not like he never crushes on his leading ladies. Often with very disappointing results. Photo Assumption says he will fall in love with Marion. Because any a regular, rational man would, never mind a man who gets all methody about his roles. When’s the last time you saw Joaquin Phoenix smile from his eyes? Look at him. He is smiling from his eyes.

Here they are, Joaquin and Marion, on the set of the new James Gray film in New York today. This will be Joaquin’s fourth collaboration with the director after The Yards, We Own The Night, and Two Lovers.