Kanye West told Jay Leno that he’ll be disappearing for a while, that he needs time to fix his sh-t. Does fixing his sh-t include getting rid of Amber Rose?

She’s part of the f-ckery.

So if he’s promising to cut out the f-ckery, in theory, he should be cutting Amber Rose out too. If Kanye is a man of his word then, well, Amber Rose will have to find a new ass to ride.

Because she can’t afford to roll out on her own.

Now I ain’t sayin’ she’s a golddigger
But she ain’t messin’ with no broke…

Word on the street in New York is that she’s dried up. No money, no credit. Rumour has it she had her cards rejected 3 times at American Apparel. For only $300 worth of clothing. So she supposedly had to put her gear on hold and bring Kanye back to settle up.


Amber went out last night and tried to go unnoticed.

And thanks to Rabia for this video.

It’s amazing…

I love it when she says she doesn’t have a stylist but some dude off camera has to tell her about a label.

Speaking of famewhores…

Elisabetta Canalis coming up soon.

Photos from ANT GRIFFITH/Bauergriffinonline.com