Most celebrities, if not already in LA, are en route to LA. Especially this weekend. LA is where some work will be done -- at the parties, on the carpets -- for those who are nominated for Oscars and those not nominated for Oscars. This is where you hint at something over a cocktail, express interest in a part by the pool, anything that sets you up for the Next. So that maybe you can be included in 2014 or 2015 when the envelopes are opened.

Here’s Katie Holmes at JFK today for a flight. No idea where she’s going. But Suri isn’t with her, so visiting family in Ohio seems unlikely. And, given that it is Oscar weekend, and that she certainly has some ground to gain re: her career, especially after the Broadway play went down, it wouldn’t be totally offside to assume she’s making her way to Hollywood to hit the Oscar circuit for the first time since leaving Tom Cruise. If I were advising her, this is what I would recommend. Put on a great dress -- not one that you designed -- and RSVP to only the most exclusive events, like Vanity Fair on Sunday night and a few of the studio bashes. Maybe not Universal. Universal is banking on Tom. But they’re not the only game in town. This is the time make moves.