If you Google it, you’ll probably see that most of the headlines suggest that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen could be returning to Netflix’s Full House new series. As you know, when it was first announced that the show was coming back, the twins were not confirmed, and it would be doubtful that they would. Duana wrote about it – click here for a refresher – and she was right about what benefit there would be for them. It’s not just that they don’t act anymore. They hardly speak in public anymore. And it’s not like they need the Full House association to further their careers. Um. They’re doing fine. They’re the most successful of all the Full House alumni.

But yesterday at the TCAs, Netflix chief content creator Ted Sarandos made a comment that gave people hope that MK and Ashley would indeed be back:

“The Olsen twins are teetering [on] whether or not they’ll be around.”

That’s the soundbite everyone is focusing on. But Sarandos actually clarified afterwards that:

“There’s a bunch of opportunity for them if they choose to. But they’re not in the current creative.”

Which is basically where we started. That of course the show wants them on – that’s never been the question. The question was always whether or not they would want to be on. And they haven’t taken up the offer, obviously. Because again…WHY would they want to be on? Why would they want to laugh at Uncle Joey’s bad jokes and have to show up on set and wait around for hours in a trailer when they don’t need the job?