Parenthood panelled at PaleyFest yesterday. Deadline reported on the discussion. Needless to say, for fans of the show, the big question is whether or not the show will be back for Season 5. Is Jason Katims used to it by now? Because it was like this with Friday Night Lights too. Every year the anxiety -- are we done? If he ever does get an early renewal, I wonder if he'd have a hard time adjusting to it. Besides, that would mean that people would actually be watching his shows.

Are you watching his show?

If you are still reading this article you probably are. But there aren't very many. Most people clicked away right away. Because...

I don't know.

It's one of the most critically beloved shows on television. Just like FNL. The acting is wonderful. Just like FNL. The writing is outstanding. Just like FNL. It's about family! It makes you cry a lot! Where are the moms?!

Deadline is saying now that there may be a chance for an Emmy nomination this year, particularly on the strength of the cancer storyline. When I read that, I admit, I smirked. Not because Parenthood doesn't deserve one, but because, as it was with FNL, when you don't even know if you're coming back, the awards seem hilariously absurd.