When the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced last month that Jodie Foster would receive the Cecil B DeMille award at the Golden Globes this year, I wrote that it would be amazingly awkward, though perhaps unlikely, that it would be Mel Gibson to present it to her. Click here for a refresher. On Saturday Foster attended a charity poker tournament and her other good friend, Robert Downey Jr was there. RDJ to present to Jodie? Very possible.

I mean, he’s popular. And he owes her. And he’s so great at this. THIS:

Also, as you know, they use these opportunities to promote their upcoming projects. And what could be bigger than Iron Man 3 opening in May? (Every time Sarah from Cinesnark emails me about Iron Man 3 she gets a little squeaky.)

By the way, Mel Gibson showed up too looking red-chested and neck-chained. Remember what I said in the open today about middle-aged men popping gunshots on the dance floor? Mel would add a pelvic grind to that.