If Anakin Skywalker is Prince Charles, and Luke Skywalker is Prince William, does that make Ryan Gosling little Prince George?

As you know, they’re working on more Star Wars movies. Episode 7 will take place 30 years after Return Of The Jedi. Latino Review reported yesterday that Ryan Gosling went in to discuss with Disney the possibility of him playing Luke Skywalker’s son…



It’s not an offer. It was just a meeting. But given how high profile the project is, and how nerdy the Star Wars nerds are, and the weight Gosling’s name carries, it’s worth our attention. It’s also worth noting that according to Latino Review, Leonardo DiCaprio was being considered too, but declined in favour of another project.


This isn’t the kind of project either actor is normally attracted to. Especially Ryan Gosling. Anything is possible, sure, and he’s (contrivedly) quirky enough, I suppose, to say hey f-ck it, why not? But these are not one-off roles. When you sign on to play a Skywalker descendent it’s a multi-year multi-film commitment. For an actor like, say, Chris Evans, that’s an attractive prospect. It’s guaranteed money. It’s guaranteed work. And, as Sarah has posited several times, actors need franchises now. Most actors. Ryan Gosling? Leonardo DiCaprio? They’re established. They don’t need franchises. And I’m not sure they’d want to tie up what might amount to be almost a decade in a franchise. Andrew Garfield started as Peter Parker in 2010. He is bound to Spider-Man until 2018!

Then again, we never would have said the same of Johnny Depp 15 years ago. Disney bought Johnny Depp an island. Maybe Ryan Gosling wants an island?

PS. Latino Review’s report also included a mention of Zac Efron for Star Wars though what his possible part would be is unknown. Can you imagine the Star Wars geek fury that would ensue if he ends up being a Solo?

PPS. Gosling's rep has just denied the report.