Lainey was disappointed in my gloating over being right about Gwyneth Paltrow not being in Captain America: Civil War, so let me reiterate that I was right about Goop not being in Civil War. Being right is nice! It’s fun! But also super stressful because people sling a lot of sh*t and I don’t care what I’ve heard about future Marvel goings-on; I don’t feel like going through the inevitable muck-raking that comes with the scoop game any time soon!

The initial report that Goop would be in Civil War came from England’s Empire Magazine, one of the biggest film journals around. They cited directors Joe and Anthony Russo as the sources of the information, and explicitly stated Goop was part of the January reshoots. Except she wasn’t, which they included in a post yesterday in which they do not acknowledge at all that they were the source of that particular rumor. They also talked around it in a podcast with Civil War directors Joe and Anthony Russo, and Marvel boss Kevin Feige.

But they did bring up something in that podcast that interested me especially. As Lainey said, I am all about Bucky Barnes, and I thought for sure there would be a question everyone would be asking Sebastian Stan during the press tour last month, but pretty much no one did. Perhaps they were told beforehand by publicists not to even try it, but it came up on Empire’s podcast with Feige. And that question is—will Bucky Barnes be in Black Panther? It would seem headed in that direction, but Feige wouldn’t comment. Then again, when does he ever? Marvel doesn’t really lie about their plans, they just “no comment” everything.

Some of the best stuff in Civil War is Bucky and T’Challa throwing down, and they fought each other to a standstill several times. They’re evenly matched. They would make a hell of an on-screen duo, and it would be really interesting to see Bucky paired with someone other than Captain America. It would also be so much fun to watch T’Challa deliver on that “Come at me, bro” he threw down at the end of the movie. There are so many things they can do with a Black Panther movie—I’d watch an entire movie about T’Challa’s boss bitch bodyguard (the Dora Milaje!) that threatened Black Widow—that they don’t HAVE to include the Winter Soldier. But just the fact that they could is kind of exciting.

Click here for the podcast.