Here’s what’s weird:

Every night I scan the photo agencies so I can get a sense of what I might write about the next day. These photos were up right before I went to bed – Will Smith with Jada and Tom Cruise and several other celebrities and the photo agency was calling it a “Scientology party”. The photos were clearly captioned as such and several other blogs that pulled down these photos last night describe the event the same way. 

This morning, at 5am, I took another look. Still labelled the same way. Two hours after that, the captions had changed. The “Scientology” description has been removed. 

Coincidence or conspiracy? 

Whatever it is it was hosted by Will. And attended by Tom. Tom, as you know, is a Sci. Will & Jada say they are not Scis, and that their school is not a Sci school, but the school does in fact use methodology developed L Ron Hubbard, the founder of Sci. Click here for more discussion on the New Village Leadership Academy. 

So they say it wasn’t a Sci party. Sure. Because Jenna Elfman, a devout lover of Xenu, gets invited to everything these days. As you can see, Eric Dane was there, Tate Donovan too, Milo Ventimiglia, a lot of people who need a little career rescue...

And Anna Kendrick??? 

My girl does not need career rescue. 

What are you doing there??? 

Run Anna, RUN.

Photos from London Entertainment/