There is only one thing wrong with Will Smith. Its name is Tom Cruise. Otherwise, Will Smith is perfect. Check him out, gamely supporting his friend the other night, wrapping his sexy arms around the GMD in a blatant show of solidarity, taunting Tom with his hotness, and the difference between the two is hard to ignore:

One is awkward and clenched, the other oozing charm and charisma and killer personal style. Will looks good in everything. And Will will likely own the holiday box office too.

Industry insiders are already predicting that I Am Legend will undoubtedly crush everything in its path. If the effects are any indication, it is indeed a must-see, and will certainly add to Will’s box office bravado: he already owns the Fourth of July, now he will also own Christmas.

Will Smith, the world’s most bankable star. No wonder Xenu wants him so badly…