PEOPLE Magazine will announce the 2015 Sexiest Man Alive tomorrow. As you know, every year I make a prediction. As I mentioned last week, this year my prediction is Will Smith. Will, despite all his box office success, has never held the title. And the timing seems right, non?

Concussion premiered at AFI Fest last week. The film opens wide on Christmas Day. He’ll be campaigning on that performance. Or, rather, he’s already started campaigning on that performance. This weekend he was at the Governors Awards getting friendly with the Academy. And you know, you know, he’s not unpopular among the voters. You also know that the MiniVan Majority, and they don’t know at all about the Xenu influence, is big on Big Willy.

Will is 47 years old. If he is the SMA, he’d be the oldest SMA in 14 years, since Pierce Brosnan in 2001. He would also be the first black SMA since Denzel Washington in 1996, who’s actually the first and only black Sexiest Man Alive on the list. So it’s been almost 20 years since the SMA wasn’t a white guy. This year marks the 30th anniversary of PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive. Isn’t it time? I mean who’s a better candidate than Will Smith?

If, for whatever reason, it’s not Will Smith, my second prediction is Daniel Craig. He was also at the Governors Awards on Saturday, with Rachel Weisz, and is currently promoting Bond: Spectre. The only pause I have on Daniel Craig is that, as you know, the SMA has to accept the crown. Will Smith would never turn down the crown. But I could totally see Daniel turning down the crown.


No. I lied.

Did you watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver this week? Daniel was over in China last week, showing up for the Singles Day four hour television special, gettin’ that Chinese money. So, yeah no, he wouldn’t turn it down at all.

To recap:

Prediction #1: Will Smith

Prediction #2: Daniel Craig