For The Karate Kid premiere. Goddamn that’s a ridiculously attractive family. But is there something new about Jada’s face? Does it seem extra tight to you? Maybe it’s just the fringe. See now if I were Willow’s age I’d be in those pants too.

Hard not to fall into that trap, non? Oh but they’re so pretty, they’re so perfect, they can’t possibly be weird and crafty. Behind the curtain it’s no different. Please. Very different. But when they look so great, you have to keep reminding yourself. That, after all, is their job.

Anyway, all this is just an excuse for me to talk about London. Oh London. So much. For a lot of people it’s New York, for my girlfriends, it’s all New York, and while I do love New York, for me, as one of those intolerable anglophiles, it’s always been London. Just booked a trip to London at the end of August - no husband, can’t wait.

Photos from and James Higgins/ and Gareth Cattermole/