I went to see the original Karate Kid with my dad after he took me for pancakes at the Golden Griddle. It was a great day. I want to see the new Karate Kid soon. Can’t explain why. Just makes me feel good. I’m trying not to cry every time I see the trailer. There is something about Jackie Chan and how hard he wants it, and his face, a face I’ve known my entire life being a child of Hong Kong immigrants, and how it’s the same and only older, I find it so emotionally endearing.

The new Karate Kid is Jaden Smith. Son of Will and Jada. So of course the entire Family Smith showed up to support yesterday at the LA premiere. Jackie Chan and his male Hello Kitty peace signs make my life.

As for the Smith children: Trey, the oldest, turns 18 this year, Jaden will be 12 in July, Willow 10 in October. These Hollywood kids and their steeze – Willow looks like a badass, I’m obsessed. And I’m wondering how her little neck is supporting that crazy chain.

It’s been a long time since Will Smith has been at the movies. Love Will Smith so f-cking much. Will Smith is a global superstar. I just wish, you know that school, and the Xenu teachings, why baby why? Also... Will doesn’t age. Hot.

Anyway, have you seen Jaden’s music video with Justin Bieber? It’s from the soundtrack to the movie, and the most hilarious clip you’ll watch all day. Two babies kicking their feet, waving their arms, fronting like they’re rude boys. Every time I watch this I laugh the entire way through. You must.


Photos from Wenn.com