Last night at the premiere of the Day the Earth Stood Still – Keanu Reeves walked the carpet, spoke with the press, quietly promoted his movie. And then Will Smith and family came along and owned the rest. Will’s son Jaden stars alongside Keanu and Jennifer Connelly. Didn’t see any photos of Jennifer’s husband Paul Bettany.

But back to Jaden and Will…because it’s all about them. He’s cute, non? LOVE his big hair. And he is a ham, just like dad. Looks exactly like his sister Willow.

The Day the Earth Stood Still was shot here in Vancouver. Will and Jada moved into a house on the North Shore for the better part of 3 months, as Will accompanied Jaden to work every day, staying in the trailer, working out, keeping fit.

Looks like there will be more family travel ahead. Jaden has recently been confirmed as the lead in the new Karate Kid movie – Will is one of the producers. Right now they’re scheduled to shoot in Beijing and various other cities. Yay for child stardom!

Also… read this article about Will Smith’s curiously androgynous onscreen persona. He’s a beautiful man but he’s almost always a sexless man in movies. Why? Interesting discussion about the racial barrier in Hollywood.

And then there’s Will’s approach too.

Will told People recently that love scenes make him nervous, then went on to say that Jada’s the one who pushes him to “show 'em what you're working with!" Weird…or just me?


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