Arguments for:

  • Will is popular. Very, very popular
  • Will is charming. Very, very charming.
  • Will has a huge box office. Will wins almost all the time.
  • Will is happily married, he’s understood to be faithful, and he is a devoted father.
  • It’s time for a non-white SMA. And he’s one of the few black actors who has a solid fan base across cultures and colours and…
  • Will has never been named the Sexiest Man Alive. Still.

Arguments against:

  • Will does not have an imminent release. And Team Will knows better than anyone else the importance of proper timing. Why not save this coup for when it can be used as a one-two punch in combination with a film?
  • Because he’s not promoting right now, he’s kept a very low profile. There are other candidates who are working the spotlight much harder and are therefore weighing more heavily on the minds of the decision makers. He’s due. But not yet.
  • Those rumours. You know those rumours.
  • That uncomfortable relationship with the Xenu

Odds: 25 to 1