Arguments for:
-To date there has ever only been ONE non-white Sexiest Man Alive and thatΓÇÖs Denzel Washington. At some point, this title WILL belong to Will Smith.  
-Will and Jada had to fight off a divorce rumour a few months ago. Some people still donΓÇÖt believe theyΓÇÖre solid. For many, their split speculation only reaffirmed their assumption that heΓÇÖs gay. Taking the SMA title could help quiet those whispers and reassure the MiniVan Majority that one of the most enduring stars of our time really is as perfect in real life as he is on paper.
-Will isnΓÇÖt just a star, heΓÇÖs also a star maker. The children are successful and famous, poised to carry on the family name. HeΓÇÖs the head of a new Hollywood legacy family

Arguments against:
-One day he will be the Sexiest Man Alive. But it has to count. And Will, he just isnΓÇÖt promoting anything right now. Like, not even close. And Will is nothing if not a Hollywood strategist. He wouldnΓÇÖt squander this opportunity when it canΓÇÖt be leveraged for box office or a campaign. Men in Black 3 comes out next year. If he owns the box office, taking the SMA the same year might be a great way to gloat.
-Some may consider it too soon after the almost-scandal to be pushing an SMA title. Like it could stank of a cover-up. Too obvious?
-If there really is trouble with the Smiths, accepting the SMA crown would just be inviting a lot of attention onto a situation they want to keep out of the spotlight

Odds: 30 to 1