Most of you will, at some point today, have Men In Black 3 thrown in your face after you leave my blog. Or, perhaps you’d already had it thrown in your face before you visited my blog. That was their intention. Sony announced this morning that they’re promoting the MIB3 trailer across ALL its platforms. That’s an estimated total audience of 750 million.

I won’t lie: I was happy to see Will Smith. It’s been a long time. By the time MIB3 arrives in theatres, it will have been almost 4 years. Most movie stars these days, they don’t have the luxury of such an extended break. During Will’s extended break, the Movie Star took a series of fatal blows. In his absence, the Movie Star was greatly weakened.

10 years after the release of Men In Black 2, what of the Movie Star, Will Smith? Is there still an audience to support the 3rd installment?

Me, I’ve already admitted - I am programmed to like Will Smith; I can’t help myself. When I have to criticise Will Smith about the Church, I feel like I’m going against nature; like I’m wearing blue contact lenses or having surgery for a double eyelid. I wish he’d stop making me do that. They say that the script for MIB3 was a work in progress while they were rolling. They say that they had to stop rolling at one point because they couldn’t fix it. I have no expectations that MIB3 will be good. I have no expectations that it will be anywhere close to good. But I’m not going to add mine to the boring screech of snarky voices today sh-tting on this teaser. Because as teasers go...

This teaser trailer doesn’t suck. And you can’t deny the irresistible Movie Star pull of Will Smith. Also, Josh Brolin is AWESOME. I had to watch it 3 times to figure out whether or not that’s his voice or Tommy Lee Jones’s. Sarah from Cinesnark says it is indeed Brolin. As she puts it - he’s a great mimic and is underappreciated for it. She’s right. I certainly never appreciated him for it until now.

A good teaser doesn’t guarantee a good movie. Of course not. That is a different discussion. THIS discussion is about the return of Will Smith. And how nice it was to see his (ageless) face in a preview today not having anything to do with alien teaching methods and Tom Cruise.

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