I like to say that I don't appreciate being emotionally manipulated by movies but I'm pretty sure I often get emotionally manipulated by movies and make that a point in posts about being emotionally manipulated by movies so...maybe I do actually enjoy being emotionally manipulated by movies? The emotions have been all over the place the last few days. And this is where the trailer for Collateral Beauty finds me. There is nothing subtle about this story. It's all the feels coming to sit on your face.

For some, having the feels sitting on your face is suffocating. That would be Sarah, whose reaction to the trailer was straight up F-CK OFF, stop forcing me to swell my own heart. Me, I didn't mind watching Sad Will Smith hanging out with the personifications of Love, Death, and Time, a new Scrooge, I guess?, who's just trying to find the Meaning Of Life. Will Smith movies are never going to be oblique. And Christmas is kinda the most obvious time to be obvious, which is when Collateral Beauty comes out.

Also, I am totally charmed by Helen Mirren as wry Death and I'll never be able to resist an earnest Keira Knightley.

Here's Will on the set of Bright in LA earlier this week.