This is the first time in a long time that Will Smith hasn’t looked great in clothes. Like, those pants. Those pants are ass. They’re not hanging right. They hanging like he’s wearing longjohns underneath. They actually fit like Tom’s pants used to. Before he lost 15 years and 15 pounds.


Will is normally so dependable style-wise.

Perhaps it’s the Seven Pounds curse. The film was shat on relentlessly by critics and even though it should break even (production and promotion budgets) when domestic and international box offices are combined, Seven Pounds has currently grossed just under $70 million in North America. Only. 

That is not a Will Smith number. Not even close. And you can’t blame it on the dramatic nature of the movie either since The Pursuit of Happyness took in over $160 million domestically and over $300 worldwide. Seven Pounds, now in its 5th week, won’t even come close. 

For Will Smith it’s an underachievement.

But he has to keep working it. All over Europe he’s been working it. He’s working it tonight in London for the UK premiere. After this it’ll be a long break, unless McG can talk him into playing Captain Nemo in his remake of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. 

Apparently the director has been telling anyone who will listen that he wants Will for the role. 



Hi, call me McG.

Ok, but why???????

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