At the premiere of Seven Pounds last night in LA – Will Smith, a rare carpet self promotional occasion withOUT his wife. Ordinarily not a big deal. But it’s been bizarre the comments he and Jada and even Rosario Dawson have been making lately.

Rosario plays Will’s love interest in the film. She says he put off and putt off their love scenes until the last possible moment, that he was too shy, or too much of a gentleman, or whatever…for whatever reason he did not want to make out. So much so that Jada had to, like, push him out the door to go fondle another woman. Then she kept talking about it to the press – go on honey, go show ‘em what’s mine underneath there, go show the world how you keep me happy…

Sounds a little extra, non?

So Jada’s absence last night? Probably more of the same. Will Smith is desirable and heterosexual. Thing is, now I believe that even less.

As for Tom Cruise … you know he would have been there for his man, right? Only he’s in New York, working hard at his own imaging. This is why they’re besties. They understand each other. 

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