That really seemed to come fast. It’s May. We’re 3 weeks out (May 25) from the release of Men In Black 3. Which means it’s officially Will Smith selling season. He was joined by Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin today at a photo call for the movie in Beverly Hills. I can’t believe he’s not taking over Independence Day weekend. Will has said in the past that he owns the Fourth of July. I guess not when soccer is being played in Europe - is that what this is about? Or did they just get out of the way of The Amazing Spider-Man?

Every summer we’re good for at least one bomb. Some said early on it would be Battleship. Battleship has done very well overseas though. Well enough to have saved it from bomb status. The Avengers will not bomb, obviously. The Dark Knight Rises will not bomb, don’t be ridiculous. So...

In this Hollywood, could Will Smith possibly bomb? That’s...ludicrous, right? Right? Spider-Man will bomb before Will? What will be the bomb?

Here’s a new clip from MIB3:

As for Josh Brolin - I blame my friend Lo for this because I hadn’t noticed until she pointed it out and you know how you fixate on things after someone points it out? Well I’m fixated on his arms. Remember a few years ago when people were saying that Matthew McConaughey had short arms? I couldn’t see it then. But when Brolin hosted SNL a few weeks ago, Lo texted me and was like - what’s up with the weird proportion of his arms? And now I can’t stop staring at his arms.