Will Smith hosted the Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday. He was slimed with Justin Bieber. Then backstage, check him out with the Beckham kids... and is that Posh? Not wanting to show her face on camera? 

Will was at the event with his children, Willow and Jaden, and wife Jada. So it was a united family front at a family event. Which means that, no, there will be no imminent split, for at least another few weeks then, even though certain tabloids have been calling for it for almost 9 months, prompting many media outlets to put the Smiths on their “breakup watch” lists. As I’ve always said, I’ve no doubt that marriage has its shady areas. But divorce? On the (lack of) strength of a low ranking tabloid report? And before the release of the new Men In Black? It just doesn’t seem like it would be part of the Will Smith Game Plan. And where Will Smith is concerned, there is always a game plan. Diverting attention from his movie to his marriage wouldn’t be part of that game plan. 

I do wonder though about the lack of spontaneity in his life. Sure he looks like he’s having a great time with the kids, and being seemingly all fun and sh-t on stage here but, really, is the private life of Will Smith all that ...freeing? I suppose this is why he and Tom Cruise can relate so well. He just plays it a lot more comfortably and less nerd-awkwardly than Tom.