In We Will Never Ever Ever Get Back Together, Taylor Swift sings about an ex-boyfriend who thought indie music was much better than hers and everyone thought it was Jake Gyllenhaal. Next time will it be a lyric about not being “It” like an English model? Not being “It” enough for the English scene?

During an email exchange with a colleague yesterday, we went back and forth asking ourselves why they keep trying to make Cara Delevingne happen. Aesthetically, I mean I get it. Why she’s a model, I understand. This is not the question. The question is why, recently, there seems to be a collective effort to elevate her beyond and convince us that she’s “The Thing”, to the point that it seemed like the whole point of London Fashion Week itself -- we must all care about Cara Delevingne. Is there an official meeting where they all decide? Do they make a pact on Facebook? Or is it so obvious it needs not be spoken?

Cara hangs out with Rihanna. She went out with Harry Styles. She’s the new Kate, the new Sienna, the new British definition of Cool.

And here she is, last night, being cool all over London, fashion week party-hopping with Rita Ora and, of course, Harry too, as friends now, just friends. Leonardo DiCaprio, where are you?

Harry has been kind about Taylor now that they’re no longer together, trying to be as polite and vague was possible when asked about their breakup.

“I’m fine. Thanks for asking. She’s a great performer. She’s very talented.”

Harry, it appears, will not engage.

I wish...

I wish Taylor could stop engaging.

I hope, I hope she doesn’t immortalise him in song. And, by extension, maybe Cara too. But is she capable of the restraint?