I want not to be impressed by these two. So much of what they are and do is so packagey and about the brand and come on, nobody is that in love all the time. I’m not even getting into the deep rumours or anything like that, just on a basic day-to-day level, sometimes someone’s watch strap catches a hair on your arm and it makes you irrationally furious, and they never have that. They don’t seem real.

But despite all this, and despite my agreeing wholeheartedly with Elaine that Jada’s dress is hopelessly Hollywood in the worst way possible – there are sateens and chiffons and silk charmeuses all in the one dress and it could be underdone by about half (or more: that belt!) – I don’t dislike them. In fact, I watched their interview with Seacrest where they got very into discussing Trey and football and that part of them, where they’ll just discuss whatever’s going on, all ‘oh no he stopped even though he got college offers’ seems totally unrehearsed and natural. This comes on the heels of that Jada-as-a-mother video, which I’ve had open on my computer for a week, and which I have not finished, but which seems similarly straightforward and up front.

Am I a sucker? Have I bought exactly what’s being sold to me? He’s the original charisma man whether he’s a frontrunner or doesn’t have a chance, and I know nobody is that perfect. But for all their weirdnesses, do they have this small part of trying to be authentic figured out?