Have you seen the Architectural Digest featuring Will & Jada’s house yet?

You’re not reading anymore now. You’ve already clicked on the images, right? Ok, I’ll wait.

Nothing more popular on tv these days than a home show. All my friends are obsessed with home shows. Do up your room like this. Paint it like that. Garden this. Plant that. I’ve never had an eye for it. All I know is that I like a lot of glass, and a big kitchen isn’t important to me, and that I prefer modern over furniture that looks intentionally “distressed”.

If we’re nitpicking then, the Smith’s sprawling 25,000 sq ft property isn’t really my flavour. Would I live there? Don’t be stupid, of course I would. Just, on a personal level, I’m not into the way it looks from the outside. Like the kind of house aliens would build if they lived in the southwest. On the inside, I guess the earthy thing doesn’t do it for me. Having said that, I would totally turn that outside space into a golf facility and, um, is that LEATHER flooring on the front cover? Stitched together in zigzag? Yes please. I want that.

Click here for some more design details although, unfortunately, there’s nothing here about where they store the Xenu. Come to think of it though, this would totally work as a Church retreat. In fact, there is something a little Hubbardy about the face of this house.