Two of the Church of Scientology’s major figureheads have taken a public relations beating recently. John Travolta, as we know, has been an on and off disappointment to Xenu for a long time. The Thetan spirit however must be quite shaken over Tom Cruise’s current troubles.  His wife has gone rogue, and his association with the Church is widely considered to be his greatest flaw. Right now then, more than ever, Will and Jada have to hold it together.

With Will and Jada, even though In Touch Weekly tries to convince you every week that they’re over, their business interests run too deep. Both are deeply invested in the production company, not to mention their young children’s careers. Making it work for them then looks different . They both bought into that arrangement. At least that’s what the Church must be hoping.

Here they are arriving at LAX last night. Jada normally doesn’t take any sh-t. I wonder what would happen if someone asked her about the Tom and Katie situation.