They donated almost $1.5 million in 2007, spreading out their gifts across religion and cause and in particular directing $ $122,500 to Church of Scientology-related projects which is less than the $250,000 the Smiths sent to a Christian organisation in Philadelphia and another $200,000 to a Los Angeles based Christian ministry. Then again, it’s only the beginning. Xenu thinks it’s a very good start.

This is Will at Good Morning America today promoting Seven Pounds. He was hoping for more recognition this year at the awards, similar to the Pursuit of Happyness, but it’s been a disappointment on that front in a very crowded year.

So he’s focusing his attentions now on a killer box office. Will’s box office record is one of the best.

But… do you care about Seven Pounds? There’s a lot to see this year. Slumdog (you must!), Milk, Marley & Me for some, Frost/Nixon, Benjamin Button, Revolutionary Road, and the list goes on and it is long. Does Seven Pounds belong at the top of it? Or at the very end? Or … maybe just a DVD rental much later on? It feels that way for me.

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