Will and Jada Smith are collaborating with Simon Cowell on a reality show to find the world’s greatest DJs. Like old school or current? Because, um, these days, sometimes it feels like DJing just involves  making a playlist on your iPod. Am I a crusty old lady?

Anyway, Simon’s production company SYCO and Will & Jada’s production company Overbrook have agreed on a deal with Sony TV to make the show happen. Apparently they’ve been working on it for a year. Jada appears to be taking the lead on the project on behalf of Overbrook.

It’s business then, you see?

The Smith marriage is a business, it’s a brand, it’s not so easily dissolved. Dissolving it would be a financial MESS. And still In Touch Weekly seems hellbent on convincing you that this is what’s going down at the Smith house. The new issue features a story on Jada moving out of the house. A few weeks ago, they reported that Jada went to see a powerful divorce attorney. Four months ago they claimed that the Smiths were getting divorced. I mean, here’s a tabloid that seems super determined to see these two split.

Thing is, with their assets, splitting will be super expensive. I wonder if staying married, keeping up appearances, and arranging sh-t on the side is probably a more likely scenario. True story, and I overheard this at Sundance: smarmy film producer/publicist type talking to another middle-aged douchebag as they were leering at a few “marketing” girls giving away free party flyers or something.

“It would cost me too much to leave my wife; I’ll just stick with cheating on her.”

People are awesome, aren’t they?