Their first official overseas tour will be to Canada from June 30 to July 8. But the Palace has confirmed today that Prince William and Princess Catherine (I am not calling her a duchess and as previously noted, the Prince of Wales’s press office has already encouraged people to use Princess Catherine) will head to California immediately after, a story that was first reported by Andrew Morton on his site The Morton Report on Tuesday.

Their trip will be short – just two days, and already there is speculation that Mr & Mrs Wales (Us Weekly says that they’re calling each other this privately) will hook up with the Beckhams while they’re in Los Angeles. Apparently Kate’s never been to the US before.

Conveniently, the LA Galaxy plays at home on June 9th. What if Victoria gives birth exactly at that time. You think she’ll be pissed?

Anyway, it’s really too bad they can’t travel around in that coach of theirs because, really, it was something to see. Like a movie. And Americans would eat that up. Why America? Well, something like 30 million Americans tuned in to watch the Wedding. In the middle of the night. So… I guess they’re popular. And that can’t hurt the Olympic Committee. London 2012 kicks off almost exactly a year after their visit.

But imagine if Will & Kate went to Hollywood and became friends with the Brange? I think my head would actually explode. For sure I would have to lie down while blogging.

Anyway, you know what I like about their balcony kiss? It’s that they were smiling. Smiling kisses are so much fun.

Photos from Christopher Furlong/BEN STANSALL/