I commented on Twitter yesterday that it feels like Willem Dafoe has to be naked in every one of his movies. Obviously an exaggeration. But he’s naked a lot. He’s also a sexy beast. And, yes, he’s very very naked in his new movie Antichrist which screened at Cannes yesterday and is by far the most controversial film of the festival so far.

William stars with the impossibly stylish Charlotte Gainsbourgh about a husband and wife mourning a loss who go away to their cabin and try to reconcile, only it turns into a f-cking brutal horror movie. Like f-cked up. F-CKED UP.

I won’t spoil it for you but that sh-t is disturbed.

Many audience members came out crying and complaining and cussing. Some loved it. Some have objected. Some are accusing Von Trier of championing violence against women.

Like all Von Trier films, it’s a perverted social commentary. And we can wait til it’s released to debate its merits and its flaws.

For now though, just know that he is naked again. Even in the posters he’s naked. Lying on top of her naked in a twisted Garden of Eden setting with his bare ass facing the camera. Even the promo photos show them getting steamy in the shower. You think it’s erotica but then, all of a sudden, you’re wondering if there’s anything good about human beings at all.

Anyway, here are Willem with his wife and Charlotte on the carpet last night.

In person, Gainsbourgh, you realise, is everything the Mary Kates and the Dunsts want to be and more. Infinitely cooler.

Photos from Wenn.com