The final stop on the first day of the Royal Tour in Canada was a bbq reception to celebrate youth. Both William and Catherine made a wardrobe change – her third of the day. This time it was an Issa wrap dress with a bird pattern, sheer stockings, and slingback wedges.

I can’t say I love anything about this ensemble. Don’t love the pantyhose, and especially hate them with slingback wedges, the dress is super matron, and the hair, Jesus, the hair does not help in combination. I get it about keeping it regal but I’d also never, ever want to compare Kate Middleton sartorially to Jennifer Garner. And this stocking/wedge/hair combination is exactly something Taupe would put together.

Having said that, I do love the way Kate carries herself, how engaging she is, how she appears to be performing with such ease and comfort, totally a natural, not unlike the late Diana...


Already the British papers, because they’re just so deliciously bitchy like that, are wondering whether or not Will will be as bothered by his wife’s popularity as his father was with his mother’s. They used to be disappointed to get Charles instead of Diana. She was 100% the bigger star between them.

Will it be the same with Will and Kate? Well, Will is a lot more popular than his dad. He has his share of fangirls. And right now, from my observations, the two are pretty equal in terms of popularity. And if anyone has a slight edge, it’s actually him. No one was let down yesterday to meet him instead of her. He is, after all, his mother’s son. When they see him, they’re seeing her. Kate may be able to match it, but I’m not sure he Kate can threaten that memory.

Here’s video of how relaxed and approachable they *seem* to be at these functions. They say that the Palace is watching closely, scrutinising their performance on this Tour, how well they represent the Family, the tone they will set for the Modern Monarchy. So far so good?

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