Thanks to Lara S for the scan from the London Times.

As is the case with Jakey G, it’s not always purely about the face and the body. It’s how they move, it’s the Pants Issue. It’s how the pants hang just right off narrow hips. Like Becks and Brad, it’s a confident gait, it’s how they work their gifts that make all the difference.

And so it goes with William and Harry. William may be the future king but the beaver bucks get in the way of full on loin quiveration. William simply isn’t cool.

But Harry…Hot Harry on a Horse is all kindsa quivering ecstasy. And now the visual evidence:

Check out William awkwardly leaning in for a hug with Joss Stone at the Concert for Diana a few weeks ago. And then Harry moving in close, pelvis to pelvis, the way a man holds his woman to let her know he can do so much more.


One night with Harry… I can’t even imagine.