Yeah, so this is Wilmer Valderrama.



Wilmer was walking around NYC today visiting Generation X Tenant Association Community Garden in the Lower East Side but really he was showing off his makeover.

He’s almost unrecognisable.

Like, remember when Wilmer used to date Lindsay Lohan? Lived with Lindsay Lohan? She was 17, he was 25. She’d been crashing at the Chateau Marmont and then moved in with him for a while. Then the Lohan lunacy kicked in and he took off, resulting in the first in a series of “exhaustion” hospitalisations.

Of course, Dina approved of all of it.

Have never understood the Wilmer Valderrama thing. He was Fez. But Fez dated Lilo, Alba, JLove Hewitt, Mandy Moore, Ashley Olsen…


It’s a mystery.

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