Have you watched Stranger Things yet? You know, the hit show of the summer? I remember texting Sarah around the 2nd episode because of Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown. She’s magic. And her face. That face! You know who else’s face we “that face!” about and have been for years?

Winona Ryder.

So Winona Ryder and Millie Bobby Brown were interviewed together for Variety at the TCAs last week. The interview is a scream. Like I kinda don’t want to pull out quotes because it’s just so enjoyable on the  full flow. First of all, Winona’s nickname is still Noni. This is what Millie calls her and it makes me so f-cking happy.

Next, as the Revelist pointed out, Noni is your adorable grandma. And it’s not like we never knew this – Winona has always been a throwback in the most authentic way – but when she’s sitting next to a 12 year old, this becomes even more magnified. Not only because she confuses Taylor Swift fans with household cleaners (!!!) and doesn’t know about Snapchat but because, like your elders, she strays in conversation, like a grandma tangent. One minute she’s talking about her showrunners and then she’s musing about twins, being fascinated by twins, twin telepathy, and then Tim Burton. (By the way, if you are also fascinated by twins, Vox posted an article about going to a twin festival that both fascinated and terrified me.)

My favourite part is when Millie’s telling Winona about IMDb rankings. Of course the 12 year old would know exactly where she’s ranked and how her rankings have changed. Winona’s like… ummmm… can we talk about rotary phones and waiting for the newspaper?

Click here to read the full article. Noni for life.