If you’ve been reading this site a while, you know my affection for Winona Ryder. I love her a LOT. And if you scroll down a few bars and look at my Five List, you know my affection for Oscar Isaac. I lust him a LOT.

They were together yesterday to promote HBO’s Show Me A Hero, debuting this Sunday, the first two of six parts, airing over the next 3 weeks now that True Detective You Suck Season 2 is over. We wasted 8 summertime hours on that show. Wait, no, it was 9 hours because the finale was supersized. Almost 10 summer hours!

Show Me A Hero is here to help. The series is based on the true story of Nick Wasicsko (played by Oscar) who was, in the late 80s, then the youngest mayor in America. But Yonkers was torn apart by racial divide over the issue of low-income housing. It’s produced by David Simon, you know his work in The Wire. It’s directed by Paul Haggis. And the focus is race, and the excuses that communities can come up with to camouflage their racism – issues that persist today, especially today.

Oscar will be nominated for a lot of awards for this. And he’s now inside 6 months away from Star Wars. And he’s working on the new X-Men movie. He’s steadily shaping an impressive career.

And this is exciting, so exciting, for Winona too. When it was reported earlier this week – again – that she’d confirmed on a talk show that Beetlejuice 2 is happening, Duana texted me, underwhelmed. The Beetlejuice “news”, by the way, isn’t all that new. Winona already said as much back in January – click here for a refresher. Duana was worried though that the Beetlejuice thing was a “I don’t have anything else to do” move. With Show Me A Hero and her new Netflix series, Montauk, premiering next year, we’re about to see a lot more of her, and watch her enter a new phase. It’ll be a bonus if that includes Beetlejuice.