Winona Ryder was in LA last night to present the Lifetime Achievement Award to Isabel Allende at the PEN Centre USA’s Annual Literary Awards Festival. Winona was one of the stars of the film adaption of Allende’s The House Of The Spirits. She was there with Scott Mackinlay Hahn, her boyfriend. They’ve been together for years. I mention this because last week, when World War Brange started, a reader called Kerri suggested that after a peace treaty is signed, whenever that will be, Winona + Brad might be an option?

Kerri. Girl. I hear you about the 90s nostalgia and all the connections, like with Gwyneth and Girl Interrupted etc, and their mutual love for cigarettes, but whyyyyyy would you want that for our Nonie? Winona wouldn’t be able to breathe under the spotlight of that relationship. Winona’s already lived it once, with Johnny Depp, and that was before the internet and social media, and she has been candid about how she struggled during that relationship and afterwards. Please, then, let us never speak of this again. Jennifer Lopez, on the other hand, if we really want to continue the cross-pollination of Brad and Ben Affleck, maybe.