If you’ve been reading my blog long enough, you know already that I left Winona for Gwyneth. I did. Winona was my first love. I had my hair cut like hers in Reality Bites. In the mirror when I’m alone, when the 26th of the month happens on a Wednesday, under low light, cocked at a certain angle, without contacts on, I totally look like her a little.

Makes me so sad that Winona fell apart. In my heart, there is still part that belongs to her, that I never gave to Gwyneth because, frankly, Gwyneth didn’t want it.

Gwyneth wanted no part of Winona either.

In this way too, Winona and I are the same.

Here she is last night at the Hollywood premiere of Star Trek. They’ve virtually shut her out of most promotion for the movie. Either that or she couldn’t manage it. Probably a little of both.

She’s still so beautiful, non? What a face. Winona’s is a timeless, classic face. Oh Winona…

Also attaching Chris Pine. This is supposed to be his star-making turn, Captain Kirk. There are a few of you who quiver for him almost as though he can f-ck like Colin Farrell. Don’t be mad at me for saying so but, pretty as he is to look at, doesn’t he seem…


Photos from Wenn.com